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December 17th 2015    Crown & Cushion         

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Previous Dates

21st September 2013      Private Party, Potton Golf Club

6th July 2013                   Private Party, St Neots Rugby Club

5th June 2013                  “Later with ...”, LGVH

30th May 2013                 Crown and Cushion, Great Gransden

6th April 2013                   Esquires Bedford                                             

27th September 2012       Crown and Cushion, Great Gransden

27th January 2012            The Eight Bells, Abbotsley

29th September 2011       Crown and Cushion, Great Gransden

31st April 2011                  “Later with ...”, LGVH

27th June 2009                  “Later with ...”, LGVH

1st November 2008          Halloween Howler, LGVH