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Oxjam Basildon 8th October 2014

Sudden Creation will play a short set at Oxjam at the Edge in Basildon on Saturday November 8th. Also on the bill are Sinestar, Modovar, Electro Kill Machine and EmT. Details here

New Single Release Date  6th October 2014

The new Sudden Creation single, Synth Boys Don’t Smile, will be available for download at the store on this site and Bandcamp on Monday October 20th.

New Sudden Creation Single  1st October 2014

The new Sudden Creation single is the title track from the forthcoming ablum, Synth Boys Don’t Smile, and will be backed by a new version of the very first Sudden Creation song , And With That She Left. The single will be available in October as a download from the Sudden Creation store and also from the Bandcamp page.                                                              NEXT